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When Do I Need to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

When Do I Need to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers are law professionals who specialize in helping you win cases if you’ve been injured through the wrongdoing of another party. There’s a good chance that whoever is at fault for injuring you will try to get out of paying for damages or that your opponent’s insurance company will act similarly.

If you or someone you know is caught in a situation similar to the one mentioned above, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s discuss some of the most common reasons and instances when you should contact a personal injury lawyer in Pasco and how we can help you win your case. 

Advantages of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer personal injury lawyer roach and bishop llc

Personal Injury Negotiations 

One of the biggest reasons to hire a personal injury attorney is that they will handle negotiations between you and your opponents’ insurance company. They’ll likely do whatever they can to place part of the blame on you so that they don’t have to pay for damages. A lawyer will know what to say and when to say it to make sure that you stay blameless. 

Help reach a Personal Injury Settlement

In most cases, insurance companies and big corporations don’t want personal injury cases to go to court. They would rather pay you money and settle the case outside the courtroom. Your personal injury lawyer will act as your spokesperson and haggler to ensure that you don’t get taken advantage of. 

Personal Injury Resources 

The personal injury lawyers at Roach and Bishop LLP don’t work alone. We have a team of large staff and team at their disposal to help you fight your case. Additionally, it’s likely that your personal injury lawyer will also know some of the best doctors and medical professionals in your area and can refer you to them. 

Situations When You Should Contact a Personal Injury Attorney? 

Now that you know why it’s smart to hire a personal injury lawyer in Pasco, let’s look at a few situations that call for one. 

Prove your innocence. 

If you’ve been in a car accident, pedestrian accident, or any situation where you were injured by someone else, you’ll need a personal injury lawyer. The first thing that the guilty party will do is attempt to put some of the blame on you. If this happens, you’ll be hard-pressed to get adequate compensation for any damages or injuries you sustained. 

Determine who’s liable. 

While you might know that you’re not to blame and that your opponent is liable, you’ll still have to prove it beyond doubt to a judge or jury. A personal injury lawyer will help you prove your innocence and get the compensation and justice you deserve. 

If other parties are involved

Any time that multiple parties get involved in a class-action suit or malpractice claim, you’ll benefit from having a personal injury lawyer at your side. Personal injury cases that involve more than one or two parties get extremely complicated, and you’ll need a lawyer to help guide you through the mess. The parties will likely start arguing about who’s to blame, and your lawyer will make sure that you’re on the right side of the argument. 

If you’ve been injured in any way

The main purpose of hiring a personal injury attorney is to make sure you’re compensated for an injury that wasn’t your fault. The world is a dangerous place full of uncertainties and accidents waiting to happen. Nobody plans to get hurt and need a lawyer, but it’s good to know who to call if that happens. 

Personal injury lawyers are especially valuable in cases where you get severely injured or suffer a permanent disability. If you’re off work for a while because of an injury or can’t ever go back, a good lawyer will make sure you’re taken care of. 

If your insurance company isn’t with you 

The last thing your opponent’s insurance company will want to do is compensate you for injuries that you sustained. They might even try to drag out your case and make it last longer than four years, which is the statute of limitations for personal injury cases. Your personal injury attorney will ensure this doesn’t happen and that you receive justice. 

Contact Roach and Bishop LLP. to Represent your Personal Injury Casepersonal injury litigation experts

If you want the top personal injury lawyer in Pasco, look no further than Roach & Bishop. We’re lawyers with integrity, and we’ll always have your best interests in mind. If you find yourself in any of the above situations or feel like a personal injury lawyer can help you, don’t hesitate to call. You can bet that whoever you’re going up against will have a team of lawyers by their side, so you should have the best in the business at yours. 



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