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What Type of Matters Does a Family Law Lawyer Deal With?

What Type of Matters Does a Family Law Lawyer Deal With?

You’re not alone if you’re wondering what a family law lawyer does. Law practice is confusing and complicated if you’re unfamiliar with it. There are many different specialties and areas of practice, and the scope of family law is one of them. If you think you might need a family law lawyer in the Tri-Cities area, but you’re not sure what exactly they do, you’ve come to the right place. 

What is Family Law? 

Family law lawyers have an extremely tough job and tall task in law. They often deal with cases that are deeply personal and have a lot of emotions and personal relationships involved. Family law deals with any legal matter involving marriage, divorce, adoption, children, or child custody. 

While family law involves a wide variety of legal issues, those dealing with marriage, divorce, and adoption are the most common. Family law can also include situations where a parent abuses their child, and the child requires protective services. Family law is comprehensive and includes many types of cases across the spectrum. Family law includes anything that has to do with family matters, including domestic disputes or family issues. 

What Matters Can a Family Lawyer Help Me With in the Tri-Cities Area?


family law lawyers with expertiseFamily Law for Divorce Cases

Whether you’re the one initiating a divorce or were recently served your divorce papers, a family law lawyer can help. Divorces are emotionally charged events where it’s easy to forget yourself or lose your cool. No matter how emotional you get, it’s essential always to handle things within the scope of the law. A skilled family law lawyer gives you the best chance at a peaceful, civilized divorce. 

Family Law for Paternity, Child Custody, and Adoption Matters

In any type of legal situation where children are involved, you’ll need the services of a family law lawyer. This rule applies when two parents separate or divorce and children are involved. If you love your children, you’ll want to see them as often as possible and hopefully gain legal custody over them. The same applies to unmarried parents regarding custody, visiting rights, and child support. 

Family law lawyers are also necessary if you’re thinking about adopting a child. There are tons of details, legal documents, and papers to go through, and a family law lawyer will make sure you don’t miss anything. 

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Family Law Handling for Estates and Wills

All responsible adults should have an estate or will document drawn up at some point. Estates and wills are legal documents that specify who gets your belongings when you pass away. However, to make a will a binding document, you’ll need a family law lawyer to sign off on it and enforce it when it comes. 

Family Law for Domestic Violence Cases

A family law lawyer can help you if you’re a victim of domestic violence. Family law lawyers will help you draw up the necessary documents and restraining orders and will also help you pursue legal action against your abuser. 

Family Law for Name Changes

If you’re an adult who wants to change their name or a parent who wants to change their child’s name, a family law lawyer can help. Changing your name is a big deal and a legal matter, and you’ll need the assistance of a family law attorney. 

In addition to each of these things, family law lawyers can also help with guardianship and caretaker issues. They can represent you in a court of law if you can’t settle your familial dispute outside the courtroom. 

Roach & Bishop Law, Tri-Cities Premier Family Law Lawyers

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If you have a family matter and think a family law lawyer can help, don’t hesitate to contact us at Roach & Bishop Law. We’re one of the premier family law lawyers in the Tri-City area and would be happy to answer your questions and concerns. We have the added benefit of being a family-run law firm, which means we’re intimately familiar with how delicate family matters can be. 


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