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Up to Date on Immigration Laws

Up to Date on Immigration Laws

Up to Date on Immigration



Q#1: I have heard that there are new parole programs that allow people to enter the
United States legally if you are from a certain country. What are these programs
and how do they work?

A#1: They are discretionary, country specific humanitarian parole programs that allow for
advance travel authorization if certain paperwork is filed online, you have a US Sponsor
willing to provide financial support, and you can pass background checks.

Q#2: What countries qualify?
A#2: The specific countries are Ukraine, Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, and Nicaragua.

Q#3: If I am granted parole, how do I enter the United States?
A#3: Once you are granted Parole, you need your passport and your parole approval, and you
fly to the United States. Upon being vetted and granted entry to the United States, you
then can settle into the United States and are work eligible. So, once you enter the United
States and receive your Social Security Number, you can then immediately begin

Q#4: Does Humanitarian Parole give me lawful status inside the United States?
A#4: No. But there are similar programs to these, such as DACA and TPS, which have been in
existence for 10 years and for 24 years that don’t give a person a lawful “status”. So,
although these programs could be cancelled or challenged in the courts, many equivalent
programs have been around for a long time.

Q#5: What should I do if I have a family member or know a person that qualifies for
these parole programs?
A#5: If you believe your friend or family member qualifies for these programs, you should
meet with a competent immigration attorney to discuss the application, the procedure,
potential pit falls, and the ultimate benefits of applying for these parole programs.

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