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Should I Consult an Immigration Attorney if I Immigrated Illegally?

Should I Consult an Immigration Attorney if I Immigrated Illegally?

Because of the difficulty and time it takes to immigrate to the US legally; many people resort to immigrating illegally. It’s easy to think that it doesn’t matter how you get to the US – only that you get here. However, if you have immigrated illegally to the US, you have broken federal law and are subject to deportation. To avoid deportation, you should consult an immigration attorney to determine your options. 

Why Should I Consult an Immigration Attorney if I Immigrated Illegally? 

The main reason to consult an immigration attorney is to gain your status as an illegal immigrant. Regardless of how long you’ve been living in the states illegally, you could be subject to deportation. The only way to remove that possibility is by becoming a US national or citizen, and the best way to do that is by consulting an immigration attorney. 

Additionally, everyone in the United States, regardless of immigration status, is entitled to speaking to an attorney regarding legal matters. Whether you’re facing the possibility of deportation, permanent citizenship, or any other legal matter, you should consult an immigration attorney.

Consulting an immigration attorney is also a good idea if you have an impending court case and you need someone to defend you. While you can optionally use a public defender, immigration attorneys are familiar with your situation and will know how to handle it. 

How an Immigration Attorney Can Help Me Become a Legal Immigrant 

There are several ways to become a legal immigrant if you’re currently here illegally. 

Apply for a U Visa 

U Visas are reserved for those who have been victims of a crime. It can apply to people fleeing for their lives or those with important information to give to the police. Obtaining a U Visa, while being a temporary stay, can lead to permanent citizenship through a green card, employment, and other measures. 

If you think you might qualify for a U Visa, you should consult an immigration lawyer. They will know for certain if you can apply or not. 

Apply for Asylum 

Applying for asylum is similar to applying for a U visa. The main difference, however, is that if you’re applying for asylum, it’s because you were forced to flee your home country due to persecution or threats against your life. This could be because of your religious or political beliefs, your sex or gender, or various other reasons. 

No matter the reason, those who flee for their lives often don’t have time to enter the country legally. Instead, you can get to the US, consult an immigration attorney, then go through the proper legal channels. 

green card immigration helpGet Your Green Card

The final and best way to obtain US citizenship despite illegal entry to the US is by getting your green card. While getting a green card is difficult, there are many ways to obtain it, many of which will require consulting an immigration lawyer. 

  • You can get a green card through marriage, but you must prove that the marriage isn’t a scam or ruse just to obtain a green card. 
  • Enter the green card lottery and hope your name gets drawn. 
  • Make a substantial financial investment in an American business. 
  • Get your green card by transferring as a valuable employee from your home country. 
  • Apply to a college or university and get an educational green card. 
  • Get a job in the US with an employer who’s willing to sponsor you. 

Each method is easier when you don’t first enter the country illegally. If you’re already here, however, you should consult your lawyer to find out if any of these are options for you. 

Who to Contact in Washington for Assistance With My Immigration Status

If you or a family member have immigrated here illegally and need to consult an immigration lawyer, contact us at Roach and Bishop . We can help you if you’re being detained, threatened with deportation, or want to gain legal American citizenship. 

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