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Do I Have to Tell My Employer if I Get a DUI?

Do I Have to Tell My Employer if I Get a DUI?

Whether you’ve recently received a DUI or are curious about what it could mean for you, you’ve come to the right place. This article will answer many of your questions about DUIs, including whether you must inform your employer. DUIs can be embarrassing, tricky legal situations, and it’s essential to understand your rights as it relates to them. 

Do I Need to Tell My Employer If I Get a DUI? DUI defense attorney on call Roach and Bishop Law

Although it might surprise you, you aren’t legally obligated to tell your employer if you get a DUI. DUIs are personal, legal matters; as long as they won’t affect your job, you don’t have to tell anyone but your lawyer. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule where you do have to tell your employer about your DUI, including the following. 

  • If you operate a motor vehicle as part of your job. 
  • If your contract states that you must notify your employer about DUIs and other legal issues. 
  • If your place of employment has a policy stating that all DUIs and criminal incidents need to get reported. 

You’re in the clear as long as your contract or company policy doesn’t require you to report DUIs. 

Occupations That Require You to Report DUIs 

Apart from contractual obligations from your employer, a few specific jobs require reporting DUIs. Most of these jobs involve operating vehicles or heavy machinery where you could be putting yourself or others in danger. These jobs include the following. 

  • School bus drivers 
  • Public bus drivers 
  • Government employees and officials 
  • Employees of the United States post office 
  • FedEx, UPS, Amazon, and other delivery drivers 
  • Air traffic controllers 
  • Crane and forklift operators 

In addition, many other jobs may require you to report DUIs to your employer. Things will get extra complicated if you drive a company vehicle for work. YoRoach and Bishop Law DUI attorney reviewing the caseur employer will ask why you can’t do your job, so you’ll have to lie to them or explain your DUI. 

Can You Lose Your Job Because of a DUI?

If your job relies on you being able to drive or operate equipment and you’re no longer able to because of a DUI, you’re in jeopardy of losing your job. After all, if you’re not legally allowed to drive, but your work requires it, your employer has no reason to keep you around. Additionally, if getting a DUI violates your contract or employer policies, you could also be at risk of losing your job. 

However, if your boss tries to fire you for getting a DUI, even though they don’t have legal backing, you should contact a DUI defense attorney. Your boss might try to terminate you to save face, but they must have a lawful reason for doing so. They can’t simply fire you because you got a DUI unless they can prove it conflicts with your ability to do your job. 

When Should I Keep Silent About a DUI? 

There’s no reason to do so unless you’re contractually or legally obligated to tell your employer about your DUI. As long as a DUI won’t hinder your ability to do your job, so there’s no reason to discuss it. However, your employer could see it as an act of goodwill and honesty to provide the information. 

Do I Need to Tell Prospective Employers About DUIs in Job Interviews? DUI defense lawyers at a meeting Roach and Bishop Law

Depending on the job you’re seeking, your employer will perform a background search on you. In other cases, they may ask you directly if you have had any criminal or legal issues in the past. However, if they don’t ask you directly, there’s no reason to disclose a DUI to a prospective employer.

You should contact Roach and Bishop if you’re worried about losing or getting a job because of a DUI. You should also contact us for a DUI defense if you’re facing court or criminal charges for a DUI. 

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