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5 Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

5 Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me Win My Case?personal injury lawyer near me in tri cities

Whether you were involved in an accident, a workplace incident, or another situation where another person hurt you, you’re entitled to monetary compensation. Not only will compensation help pay any hospital or rehabilitation bills that happen because of your injury, but it will also help ease the pain and trauma of being in an accident. In an ideal world, the person who hurt you or their insurance company will make things right and pay you your just dues.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world, and insurance companies rarely do the right thing regarding compensation. They’ll do anything in their power to pay you the bare minimum if anything at all. Their payment is rarely enough to cover your hospital bills, much less compensate you for damages and lost income. By hiring a personal injury lawyer, you give yourself the best chance of making the insurance companies pay you what they owe.

5 Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

1. They Can Help You Prove Your Innocence

If you have any hope of winning your case, you’ll have to prove your innocence first. While this might seem like all you have to do is tell the truth, your opponents will do anything in their power to distort the truth and put the blame on you. In-car accidents, for example, they’ll use any past driving infractions or accidents as ammunition against you. They’ll also try to make you seem incompetent and as though you’re not telling the whole truth.

Anytime you go against an insurance company in a legal matter, they’ll have a team of lawyers representing them. It’s only fair and right that you have the same level of representation to give you the best chance of winning.

2. Personal Injury Lawyers Gather Evidence Against the Other Partypersonal injury lawyer roach and bishop llc

As your legal counsel is proving your innocence, they’ll also be gathering evidence against the party at fault. Proving your innocence is essential, but you won’t receive just payment for your damages unless you can prove the other party is at fault. You’ll need to prove that their negligence or mishap is why you got hurt, which is easier said than done.

Without a personal injury lawyer, you won’t even know where to start when pointing the finger at your opponent. It involves getting photographs of the scene of the incident, taking witness reports and statements, and much more.

A personal injury lawyer will go even further in that they’ll dig into the background of the person or company that hurt you and gather evidence from past incidences. A personal injury lawyer will also gather statements from expert witnesses and medical professionals to support your case.

3. Personal Injury Attorneys can Offer Support and Healing

When you hire the personal injury lawyers at Roach & Bishop, you get more than just legal support. You also get emotional and mental support as you recover from your injury’s stress. By turning your case over to us and allowing us to handle the legal aspects involved, you can focus your time on finding help for your physical, mental, and emotional ailments.

4. Attorneys for Personal Injury Litigation will help you Reach a Settlement

Because insurance companies don’t want the publicity of fighting their case in court, they’ll often try to settle outside of a courtroom. While they’ll be willing to pay a small amount of money, it usually isn’t close to what you deserve. By hiring a personal injury lawyer skilled at reaching settlements, you’ll get much more compensation than you would on your own.

5. Personal Injury Lawyers will help Argue Your Case in Court

In rare cases where you and the party at fault can’t settle outside the courtroom, your lawsuit will end up in court. For that reason, it’s essential to have a lawyer who’s as skilled in the courtroom as they are in settlements. Successfully arguing and litigating your case in court will determine its outcome.

Who to Call for Assistance With My Personal Injury Case?tri cities personal injury litigation attorneys

Whether your personal injury case gets decided in court or outside of it, Roach & Bishop in Tri-Cities, WA can offer some of the best legal counsel available. Our team of personal injury lawyers has years of experience and has seen nearly every type of case imaginable. By enlisting our help in your lawsuit, you give yourself the best shot at maximum and just compensation. Contact us to schedule a consultation!


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